Property health check

Is your home due an MOT?



Having to put the car through an MOT is second nature to most motorists, but should we be putting our homes through a property health check each year?

Everyone needs a roof over their head, so what should we be looking out for to keep our home in tip-top condition?

Property checklist

Just a few simple steps that are needed to ensure that your property is in the best shape:

  • Clear out leaves and debris from roof gutters, hopper heads and ground level rainwater drains.
  • Ensure no moisture is leaking into homes, this can be vital in preventing dry rot.
  • Take action if there is loose or crumbling external stonework, windows or doors but call in a reliable tradesperson working to an approved specification if required.
  • Removing cracked and bossed external rendering or harling and renewing it, you will ensure your homes outside walls have coverings that are as effective as they were originally.
  • Check to see if there are problems beginning to appear with the fabric of your home’s interior.
  • Look for loose seals or mastic pointings around the bath or shower. This could mean water is seeping through and giving rise to wet rot.
  • Install extractor vents or use a dehumidifier to tackle the problem of condensation caused by everyday things like cooking or having a shower.

And you could, of course, call in an expert. A Wise Property Care, property health check could be carried out to remove the stress from home-owners doing it themselves.

For more information on property care issues

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