Are you on a property hunt this Easter?


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As Easter approaches, eagle eyed choc-a-holics will be scouring far and wide for Easter eggs during traditional Easter hunts. But what if bricks and mortar is more appealing to you than chocolate? 

Well, if you are hunting a property in Scotland this Easter, read on to see if the Easter Bunny is delivering good news for you!

Bargains to be had in the North?

Aberdeen has traditionally been regarded as one of the most expensive places to live in the country, but lately the price of living in Scotland’s oil capital has become significantly more affordable.

Aberdeen actually saw the biggest decrease in property prices in the entire country last year, with property values dropping by 10.2%. This may not be great news for anyone who currently owns property in Aberdeen, but for people looking to take advantage of the drop and pick up a bit of a bargain, then the Granite City might make for a happy hunting ground.

Extra tip: Outwith the city in Aberdeenshire, try looking for a bargain near Banorchy. The town was recently named among the best places to live in the UK by The Sunday Times!

Super Value in Stirling

Aberdeen is not the only place for boosting a property portfolio. Scotland smallest city, Stirling, was recently named the most affordable city in UK! The average property in the former Scottish capital is currently sitting at £173,847 - only 3.7 times average gross annual earnings.

Edinburgh: a challenge for bargain hunters

The capital is, of course, still the priciest place to buy a property in Scotland and prices are rising all the time. Up 5.5% on last year, the average property in Edinburgh costs a whopping £203,900. To put that into perspective, you need to get as far south as Cambridge before any other city tops that figure!

Scotland’s other cities

Glasgow is actually going through a bit of a property price boom at the moment, so it is getting more expensive to buy a property in Scotland’s largest city. Also, you will need to be quick – recent research suggests a property in Glasgow will sell only 33 days after going to market.

Dundee is also seeing a slight price rise, with properties in the City of Discovery rising 1.2% in that last 12 months.