The quirkiest properties in Scotland

Scotlands priciest property sells for £29 million


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How much would the average home in Scotland cost you today? How long is a piece of string? There is no definitive answer it seems.

The latest news suggests that Scottish property prices are on the up and up, and it looks like this is encouraging Scots to sell their properties.

So this got me thinking, as more properties go on sale, what are the quirkiest homes up for grabs in Scotland?

Lets find out!

Modern three-bed property – with a railway?

One of my favourite recent news stories concerns Bob Smith from Perthshire. Bob has nine acres of space at the back of his home and he has made the best use of it, by building a homemade railway!

With over a mile of track, two level crossings, three cuttings and a tunnel, Bob has built a superb railway to run his six homemade trains on.

Bob is refusing to name a price publicly, but you can bet he is only looking to sell his property to another train enthusiast.

Are you ChooChoo for trains? If so, this might be the property for you.

A property with a piece of Scottish comedy history?

There is no doubt about it, Billy Connolly is a legend in the Scottish entertainment industry. If you find Billy as much of a hoot as me then you might be interested in buying his Scottish mansion, which went on sale last week. The mansion has hosted a lot of celebrity guests including Ewan McGregor, Steve Martin and Robin Williams.

The price tag might put a few people off though, at just shy of £3million it is fair to say that the price of this property is a "big yin".

Speaking of which...

The most expensive property in Scotland?

If £3million for a mansion owned by Billy Connolly seems like mere pocket change, then this might be the property for you.

Kinpurnie, near Blairgowrie, broke the record books this week by becoming Scotlands priciest property, going on sale at a cool £29million.

You are getting more than a mansion for your money though, £29million will buy you 5,400 acres of land, farmland and woodland, six privately owned lochs and various sports facilities. You will also have the pick of where to live as Kinpurnie consists of Scots Baronial castle, Thrieply House, eight holiday homes and 18 estate cottages.

So there you go, three of the most expensive, famous and quirky properties you can buy in Scotland today. Have you seen any that are quirkier? If so, lets us know on our Twitter or Facebook channels. 


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