Sash and Case windows

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How often do we hear of sash and case windows being described as draught, rattlely, stuck with paint, not easy to clean or sash cords lying broken and hanging at the side of the window like disused spaghetti.

Because of these comments, the sash and case windows are removed and relegated to the skip or the local dump.

Sash windows in older properties

Many owners of older properties are completely unaware of the features and benefits of a properly working sash and case window. I am sure if they did, most would consider the expense and disruption caused to the property when removing these fabulous architectural features. Did you know, for instances, that for families with young children that the top sash can be lowered to provide ventilation to the property with no risk to children of falling out the window? That the top sash can also completely lower for cleaning purposes much more easily than most modern replacement windows? That the bottom sash is usually hinged at one side and can be swung into the room - again for ease of cleaning and also ongoing redecoration and maintenance? And that many of these sash and case windows have survived 100 years of the vagaries of the Scottish weather? With some loving care and attention they may well survive another 100 years.

The cost of fully refurbishing a sash and case window can often be as little as 1/3 of the price of renewing the window, allowing the building to maintain its historic looks, which after all is why many purchasers are buying older properties in the first place.

Unique concealed draught-roofing and sound reduction systems are available, which are usually combined with a complete refurbishment service, allowing windows to be stripped back and either varnished or stained without detracting from the aesthetics if the window. There is therefore little or no need to consign these lovely architectural features to the skip.