Stormy Weather: property problems highlighted

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Hello folks and welcome to the latest Rotter blog.

The weather out there has been rotten lately, and that means companies such as Wise Property Care know we are going to be busy.

A great number of property problems become more noticeable or exacerbated by stormy, cold weather; but would you know the tell tale signs?

Want to 'wise up'? Then read on.

Look out for frozen or burst water pipes

If you think it is cold now, just wait until the forthcoming weekend with temperatures expected to be as low as -6 in some parts of Scotland. These cold snaps have the potential to do a lot of damage to our water pipes leading to all sorts of additional damp problems

However, there are lots of small simple things you can do to help prepare for these potential woes from insulating your water tanks and opening the loft door to let heat in, to simply knowing where the stop valve is. To learn more, click on the following links:

BURST WATER PIPE TIPS Frozen water pipe tips

Looking out for roof problems

Our poor roofs. All year they look after us by keeping all the bad weather out of our properties. They take the brunt of the extreme cold snaps over the winter period and all they ask in return is a little TLC from time to time. Well, with the stormy weather and cold snap upon us, we thought we would share a few simple measures for spotting potential issues within the roof space.

Our handy video within the link below features our very own David Orr as he shares his handy tips on what to look out for within your roof space. From simply having a quick look around suspect areas to checking out the apex and chimney areas - David will walk you through some quick tips. Suffice to say, if you do spot an emerging issue, ensure you organise to have an experienced and qualified contractor to take a look.

Tips to identify roof problems

Spotting emerging damp problems

There are a number of damp problems out there, so it is important to know exactly what it is you are looking at. Damp patches can result from a number of sources, be it rising damp, condensation, rot or leaks, so it is important to understand the slight differences that present themselves with individual problems. One thing all these problems have in common though is the fact that they can all be exacerbated by bad weather.

Our infographic will take you through the slight differences to help you realise the kind of damp issue you might be dealing with.

Spotting damp problems

Make the Wise choice

If you want to know more about any of the above problems then follow the links provided in this blog post. You can also call any of our local branches that span right across Scotland for help and advice that is relevant to your area.

While we hope your property can get through the winter without any need for repairs, if the worst does happen, then Wise Property Care will be here to build the value back into any property.

Until next time - Awrabest,

The Rotter

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