TrustMark launch app to help talk to tradesmen


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The Government backed industry body, TrustMark, have launched an iPhone app to help British homeowners ask the right questions when they invite tradesmen into their homes to undertake a property survey or quote for a job. TrustMark estimate that one in five people forget to ask an important question and they hope that their new app will help stop this.

TrustMark believe that younger homeowners are particularly in danger of employing cowboy builders as they have no experience in hiring tradesmen and little experience of dealing with any property repairs. However, it is hoped that TrustMark’s app which is endorsed by the Government, will help them hire the best tradesman to fix their property problems.

Using TrustMark’s app

TrustMark’s app is quick and easy to use and has 11 short pages of questions for you to ask all your potential tradesmen and it allows you to record the conversation so you can hear it back at a later time. At the end of the process there is the opportunity to email all your answers to yourself and the tradesman. This could be contractually very useful if a dispute should arise during the property repair process.

The questions range from the basic, “how long have you been in the industry” and “have you had experience with this type of problem before” to questions that people might not think to ask like “are you the member of any industry bodies?”

Being part of an industry body such as TrustMark or the Property Care Association is a benefit as it means you are assured of quality work at all times. You can rest assured knowing that the tradesman will be held accountable to all work done should you have a dispute with them.

Vince Cable talks about TrustMark’s app

The Secretary of State for Business, Vince Cable, said that “The majority of work carried out by our trades is done to a very high standard. TrustMark has been successfully providing consumers with an impartial assessment of the standards of local tradespeople, to help them make informed decisions when hiring contractors to improve their homes.”

“The newly launched application provides another useful tool to consumers by bringing TrustMark's expert guidance directly to householders through the latest innovative channels.”

The Rotter response to TrustMark’s app

Les Meikle, a.k.a. The Rotter from Wise Property Care said “I think that TrustMark’s app is a fantastic way for people, especially the younger generation, ensure that they have quality work carried out on their homes. I hear on a far too regular basis that a cowboy builder has come in and done costly, but poor work on a property which has had to be remedied by a professional.”

Download the TrustMark App

The TrustMark app is available on the iOS App store and works on both iPhones and iPads. It will soon be made available on the Google Play store for Android devices, the Blackberry store and Windows Mobile store.

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