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Hi folks and welcome to the latest Rotter blog. This week we are talking about one of my favourite subjects outside of property preservation: Football!

I am pleased to announce that we are doing our wee bit by helping out Dumbarton United AFC on their quest for European glory.

The club’s 14-year-old “01 Team” are about to fly out to compete in the Costa Blanca Cup in Benidorm and we are proud to support them by providing them sponsorship for their casual wear.

The team, made up of lads born in 2001, are heading to the tournament on the back of a great run of form. They have also had some fantastic fundraising help from their local community.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy a feel good fitbaw story.

Dumbarton United AFC

Dumbarton United Amateur Football Club has been around since 1958 and has been developing footballing talent in the surrounding area for over 55 years.

As I have already mentioned, their 14-year-old boy’s team is their most recent success story. They have won a few local and national trophies over the last couple of years and are now looking to add European success to that list of achievements.

At a recent event, celebrating the new sponsorship from Wise Property Care, the boy’s manager Duncan McCalman spoke to our marketing manager Andy Ferguson.

Dumbarton Community Spirit

“There was a team talk that came back to haunt me,” muses McCalman.

“We were in a cup final in Haggerston in England [and I said to the boys] if we win this trophy we’ve won in Scotland, we’ve won in England, the only place we can go is Europe.”

The boys did indeed win the trophy in Haggerson and McCalman kept his promise. With the help of some fundraising work in the community, the club have managed to raise enough money to send the boys to Benidorm to compete with some of Europe’s best youth football clubs.

It is not just us at Wise Property Care helping out though, Dumbarton United have received some excellent support from local businesses and community groups. Manager Duncan highlighted Tesco in Port Glasgow as major contributors - the stores bag packing initiative helping the club raise close to £4000.

Iceland, Dumbarton Lions, Gartocharn FC, Flawless Plastering and Allied Vehicles are also credited with helping the team, along with numerous members of the public.

As McCalman says:

“Dumbarton United is a community club and the community has really come to the forefront of helping us”

Wise Property Care and local sport

Dumbarton United are the latest sporting club Wise have lent some support to with Livingston Rugby, St Johns FC in Perth and Fair City Boxing Club a few of our previous sporting partners.

I am dedicated to making sure Wise Property Care continue to support local sports clubs as often as we can. I believe that strong local sports clubs represent the hard work and ethics we hold dear as a company.

Until next time

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