Little Guys Causing Big Problems


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Hello, and welcome to my last Rotter blog of Euro 2016.

It was really sad to see Iceland leaving the tournament on Sunday night. Their incredible journey has been just the thing to lift my spirits after Scotland failed, yet again, to reach a major tournament. They have been the plucky underdogs causing all sorts of bother to big footballing nations.

It did get me thinking about a job we did over in the Icelandic capital Reykjavík a couple of years ago. We were called over to look at some woodworm (a very rare problem in Iceland), and just like their national team at Euro 2016, these wood boring insects were causing a major upsets despite their diminutive stature.

Trust me, this icy woodworm tale is far from "bore-ing"...

Our Icelandic trip

Wood-boring insects are actually common on Iceland, but they rarely cause much bother to home owners because, unlike properties in the UK, the soft wood that these insects like to lay their eggs in is rarely used in construction over there.

It took a long time for residents to notice the big threat posed by the little guys, in fact it took a professor of entomology (the study of insects) to even identify the woodworm before someone got in touch asking us to come over from Scotland to help.

In the end our Aberdeen surveyor Mark Kerr ended up jetting over to help out. It is certainly the most far flung destination we have ever travelled to for a survey!


As we already mentioned, woodworm is a big problem in a small package. When wood-boring insects lay their eggs in the timbers of buildings, their grubs (the inaccurately named “worms”) tunnel through the wood, munching as they go, and over time this can make timbers structurally unsound.

The summer months are prime woodworm season, so it is always worth knowing the signs of woodworm at this time year just in case your property is affected.

Once woodworm has been identified, woodworm treatment is a pretty straight-forward process, however it always advised to get a rated and approved contractor in to make sure the job is done correctly and all affected areas are caught.

Au revoir to Euro 2016

The tournament finishes this weekend, and while my favourite little team Iceland will not make it to the finals, I can’t wait for the action of the semis and the big final game itself.

After that, it will be back to normal on the blog as I keep everyone up to date on all the latest property and preservation blether (without the need for strained football metaphors).

Until next time,


The Rotter.