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It has been an exciting week at Wise Property Care. We have been doing our usual high quality damp proofing, rot and woodworm services but this week we also got ourselves in front of the camera with Glasgow based “intelligent video specialists” 29studios.

At the moment I cannot say exactly what we have been filming for, but trust me, it is going to be huge!

Also, we should have our videos out in time for Oscar season (before the end of Autumn) so the awards will be piling in: Spielberg, Scorsese and Cameron should watch their backs.

Lets take a look at what happens when Wise Property Care and 29studios get together to make video magic.

Casting the video

Whenever you make a movie, casting the right lead is vital if you want to engage the audience. Our marketing guru Andy Ferguson was keen on splashing the cash on a Hollywood A-lister, but I knew we had our own debonair leading man to rival the likes Tom Cruise or Robert Downey Jr: Ladies and gentlemen I give you Wise Property Care surveyor David Orr:

You know, a lot of people complained that they could not understand the villain in the last Batman film because he was wearing a mask. I say, they should have cast our eloquent surveyor David Orr instead of Thomas Hardy.

Getting the right video team

29studios come with a great reputation for making superior, intelligent videos and we knew we were in capable hands when we spent the day with Pauline and Frank. Have a look at them chatting with our marketing man Andy (also note the cameo from David, the camera loves him):

Pauline and Frank were model professionals, but even the best cannot get David to get things right in one take:

Why the secrecy surrounding the video?

As I said earlier, I cannot let it slip as to why we are filming but we are preparing a video launch for something that is going to change the property care industry as we know it. If you want to stay in the loop then keep checking the website and also follow us on Twitter @wisepc and on our Facebook page.

The evolution of property care is coming!


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