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Over the past number of years as my alter ego (the sensible businessman) I have been involved with Scottish Enterprise in an initiative to encourage new business owners to seek help and advice from a mentor. Over the years I have been chosen as a mentor by nine or ten entrepreneurs who believed that the time was right in the growth of their companies for such help.

Pick me, pick me!

When a budding entrepreneur is seeking help from Scottish Enterprise, they are given a list of potential mentor CV’s to look through and decide whom they believe is best fitted to help them. Once the Mentee has decided, he is put forward to the Mentor and when both the mentee and Mentor have decided that there is the potential for an advantageous business relationship, they are encouraged to get together for an exploratory meeting where both can decide if the relationship is indeed likely to meet the Mentee’s requirements.

A continuous relationship

Following the original meeting I try to make myself available at least five or six times a year to meet with the mentee and discuss how they are getting on. Normally during the discussions some form of action plan is agreed and is followed up at these meetings. This often brings a discipline to the Mentee to achieve goals that may normally remain on the “back burner”.

Meeting with the mentees is not only a benefit for them but it is often an opportunity for me to relearn business practices that I may not have adopted for some time. While a Mentee’s business may have no connection with my own areas of expertise such as woodworm or damp proofing it can still be helpful to gain an insight into the way other entrepreneurs are thinking.

Mentoring is very much a two-way process and allows for me to continue learning and to progress my own business, Wise Property Care, while at the same time helping others to develop their business ideas.

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Alternatively to contact Scottish Enterprise about finding yourself a business mentor then call 0800 65 22 678 and ask about the Knowledge Series mentoring scheme.