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Hi everyone – 2nd month, 2nd blog article... I’m on a roll!

I thought I would blog about our daily Facebook giveaway that has now been running for almost two weeks now. We’ve had some great fun with the competition so far. Our Facebook fans have been guessing the score of various Euro 2012 games and winning some fantastic prizes every day during the tournament.

Charity day

I now feel that it is time to mix things up a little bit. On Friday 22nd June we will be having a ‘Charity Day’ where charities will have the chance to win a half-day design & social media consultation with Fatbuzz.

The competition will run differently to previous days. Rather than guessing the score of the football, a list of charities will be posted onto our Facebook page. You will then be asked to vote for your favourite charity and the charity at the end of the day with the most Likes will win the prize.

I hope that you will support our initiative and vote for your favourite charity. Fatbuzz are a generous and enthusiastic company who will really help the lucky winner reap the rewards of social media and spread their message further.

Get involved in our Charity Day

To get involved with our Charity Day head over to the Wise Property Care Facebook page and hit the ‘Like’ button for you to get daily updates on the competition and information on when you can vote for your favourite charity.

In the mean time, why not take part in our daily Facebook giveaway where, for predicting the score of the Czech Republic – Italy match, you can win a whiskey-tasting tour.