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Hello folks, and welcome to another Rotter Blog.

It has been another exciting week in the property care industry but also in Scottish news. As I am sure you are aware, the SNP launched their white paper for independence yesterday and some of you eagle-eyed readers may even have noticed myself, and our Glasgow branch manager Peter Ross, popping up on Sky News last night as part of the discussion.

If you did not see it, then do not fret, you can catch our "star-turn" at the link below:

Wise Property Care on Sky News

Wise Property Care on Sky News

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Wise Property Care on the News

Regardless of where you stand on the independence debate, the most eye-catching thing about this Sky News report was, of course, Peter Ross wearing an overall, a hard hat and hi-vis vest... when was the last time he did any of the hard-work? Haha, only joking Peter, you looked great on the TV (and he did not even have to spend any time in make-up).

Wise Property Care in 2014

Whether Scotland goes independent or not next year, you can be sure that Wise Property Care will be providing the same excellent service you have come to expect from us for many years to come.

Talking of 2014 though, after this years busy Christmas period is done, we have an exciting new launch happening in early 2014. We have been preparing some great-looking video content for this launch, so expect to be seeing a lot more from Wise Property Care soon.

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