The Rotter visits local high school

Barrhead High School welcome The Rotter


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Earlier last week Les Meikle, aka The Rotter and MD of Wise Property Care, visited a local high school to give a speech and present prizes to the winners of a dragons den competition held at the school.

Wise Property Care sponsor event

The dragons den style event held at Barrhead high school and sponsored by Wise Property Care allowed the pupils to put the skills and knowledge they have gained from recent classroom lectures about business by Les into practise. The event, held for fifth year pupils, allows teams to showcase their innovation and creativity skills in an attempt to win not only gift vouchers for the Silverburn shopping centre but also a fabulous trophy.

Prizes for winners

Before the gift cards and the trophy were awarded to the winners, the pupils received a short lecture on the journey that Les's life had taken and how important a positive work ethic was in achieving the success he had. The young budding entrepreneurs were encouraged to maintain a positive work ethic throughout their school days and in to their working lives. Les then presented the winning team with their gift cards and trophy and was impressed with the innovative ideas throughout the competition.

The future

Wise Property Care was pleased to welcome one of the students from the winning team to the head office to be given a tour of the premises and be shown just what it is that goes on at the company. Following the tour, Les commented: "Sponsoring the event at Barrhead High School allows us to give something back to community. It's inspiring to see the pupils putting in so much effort and I hope they all manage to learn something from the competition. There are so many talented young people at the school and I wish them well in their future endeavours, that is of course unless they set up a rival company to Wise Property Care!"

Everyone at Wise Property Care wishes the pupils well for their exams and we look forward to continuing to support the local community by sponsoring the event for the foreseeable future.

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