Royal baby names and Commonwealth Games


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A bouncing baby boy from Buckingham Palace and 1 year to go until the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth games: You wait ages for one major news event and two come along at once!

The Royal baby

It is, of course, William and Kate’s newborn that will be dominating the headlines and I am hearing all sorts of crazy statistics already. Apparently punters at the bookies have already placed over £30,000 on baby name bets; may I suggest Les or Rotter?

There is a danger that the birth of the Royal baby has overshadowed the “1 year to go” celebrations for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games that launched yesterday (23.07.13), but maybe the two can be tied together somehow. Is a year enough time for our new Royal to train for an event?

We have had Royalty representing us at equestrian events but I reckon horse riding might be a bit beyond a 1 year old, his legs would not reach the stirrups for a start. Perhaps we could introduce the 3-metre crawl as an event?

Glasgow 2014

Joking aside we are all looking forward to Glasgow 2014 and it is unbelievable that it is only 1 year away! Other than the spectacle of the event itself, I am obviously interested in the games because of the massive benefit the Scottish and Glasgow property market is predicted to enjoy. I know that some properties in Manchester saw their prices rocket by nearly 200% when they hosted the games in 2002 and such a huge economic boost for Scotland’s biggest city would be fantastic. There is also some great property developments happening in the city with the athletes village creating 700 new homes after the games are over.

Of course, we will be looking forward to the athletic performances the most. Events like these are all about striving to be the best and that is something I know we value at Wise Property Care. That is why myself and everyone else at TeamWise will be getting right behind team Scotland and cheering them on for the gold.