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After much anticipation I am very pleased to officially introduce to you the Wise Speedy Estimate. Our new tablet based tool that will allow our surveyors to deliver an even better service than ever before.

At Wise Property Care we have always prided ourselves on being at the cutting edge of the property care industry, but I firmly believe this is the most innovative thing we have ever done.

So, do you want to know more about the Speedy Estimate and the future of property surveys?

Of course you do!

Lets get Speedy...

What is a Speedy Estimate?

The Speedy Estimate is a tablet based survey tool that our surveyors will now use as part of their initial property survey. This technology will allow our surveyors to deliver a faster, easier to understand, more transparent and accurate on-site estimate for you, the Wise customer.

"But why is it any better than an old pen and paper estimate?” I hear you ask. Well, I think I can sum it but by demonstrating how the Speedy Estimate improves four company values that we feel benefit our customers the most: Speed, Transparency, Trust and Innovation.


The Speedy Estimate allows our surveyors to compile as accurate an estimate as possible on-site. By compiling all the information they acquire during their survey into the tablet, our surveyors can have an estimate delivered to your inbox faster than it takes to make a cup of tea. This gives you the option to give the go ahead for any works required far quicker than ever before. With the Speedy Estimate we can get in, diagnose the problem and build value back into your property in the most efficient manner possible.


Of course, making our survey process faster is only useful if the survey is done in a professional manner, and I believe that we are able to deliver a better level of customer service than ever before thanks to the transparent pricing structure the Speedy Estimate allows.

Something that bothers a lot of people when they are dealing with trades people is the vagueness of estimates; and I know the old “estimate figured out on bit of scrap paper” cliché that still lurks in peoples minds when they are having remedial work done. This is a problem I feel the Speedy Estimate overcomes.

The Speedy Estimate has set prices for our materials and services built into it, so when our surveyors diagnose a problem, our customers can see a complete cost breakdown explaining why the estimate comes to the total it does.


One of the great benefits of our transparent estimation process is that it allows our customers to trust us, and that is incredibly important.

It is unfortunate, that due to a number of rouges and cowboys out there, everyone in the remedial trade can get unfairly tarred with the same untrustworthy brush. I believe the transparency of the Speedy Estimate will allow Wise Property Care to physically demonstrate that we are the trustworthy and reliable company we have always set out to be.


I think the Speedy Estimate is a really impressive tool, and Wise customers who have seen it in action in our initial trials seem to agree.

It has made me fantastically happy to hear the Wise Property Care surveyors return to the office with stories of customers that are incredibly impressed by the digital property footprints, annotated photographs and itemised estimates our surveyors can produce and explain right in front of them with their tablets.

The future of property surveys

I genuinely believe the future of property surveys is here and we are very proud to be at the cutting edge.

We have plenty more information on the Speedy Estimate on the pages listed below, so I would recommend checking them out. I reckon you will be just as impressed with this new technology as I am.

The Rotter.

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