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Hello, and welcome to the latest Rotter Blog.

I’m sure you have seen people wandering around town, their eyes glued to their mobile phones, trying to catch the little beasties that randomly pop up on their world map.

While I cannot confess to knowing much about “Pokestops”, “battle arenas” or “evolving a Pikachu”, I can sympathise with the obsessive nature of Pokemon GO players and their quest to "catch 'em all". You see, I have spent my entire career catching woodworm, mould, fungal decay and damp problems that have sprung up in properties all across the country.

So, in the spirit of the times I would like to introduce you to the gang of “monsters” that I like to catch.

Property problems? I have “gotta treat ‘em all”.

The Gang is all Here

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Woodward (aka Woodworm)

This wee beastie is a little creepy crawly that can seriously damage the structural integrity of a property. Anyone who has ever had a woodworm problem knows the damage they can cause and that “catching ‘em” quickly is good idea.

Meet Woodward
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Damplee (aka Water Ingress)

Water is important, it is what keeps us all alive, but when too much of it gets into your property then it is a problem. Damplee represents all the problems like rising damp and penetrating damp that turn water from H20 to H2 OH NO!

Meet Damplee
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Fungoid (aka Dry Rot)

Fungal decay is always bad news for a property and this chap is certainly not a monster you would want popping up at random. Probably one of the worst conditions a property can suffer from – thank your lucky starts if you have managed to avoid Fungoid!

Meet Fungoid
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Weedle (aka Japanese knotweed)

This pernicious plant is a right mortgage masher. While perfectly pretty to look at, knotweed can strangle the value out of a property, potentially slashing thousands off of a sale price. You do not want Weedle or her knotweed chums popping up in your garden.

Meet Weelde
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Mouldo (aka Black Mould)

Last but not least, the stinkiest and ugliest of the bunch. Mould is usually a direct consequence of condensation and poor air ventilation. Fortunately this means Mouldo is usually the easiest of these monsters to treat.

Meet Mouldo

Have you seen these monsters?

If think you have seen any of the above in your property (or a property you manage) then I would seriously recommend clicking the links above and finding out more about them and the treatment options that are available.

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