Are tradespeople improving their public image?


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Some new research by AXA on the topic of tradespeople has got me thinking about the industry as a whole this week, particularly the many misconceptions surrounding people in this hardworking sector.

With shows like “Cowboy builders” and “Rogue Traders” as popular as ever on TV, it seems that everyone is exposed to the antics of the very worst practitioners in preservation and construction.

Are these bad experiences recounted so often that they unfairly tarnish everyone?

Lets take a look at what the latest research has to say...

The latest findings from AXA

If you believed everything you saw on TV, it would seem natural to assume most, if not all, tradespeople are likely to overcharge or leave work incomplete, but this simply is not the case according to new AXA research.

Reading the research, I noticed that a massive 82% of customers believed that builders, painters, plumbers, electricians, and joiners all went “above and beyond” what is asked of them. More specifically, tradespeople impressed their customers with thoughtful acts of kindness for their clients, such as forwarding mail for the homeowner.

Other notable undertakings of goodwill include last minute call outs and bank holiday emergencies.

A further 81% of tradesmen say they work unpaid from time to time and they’ll take on extra tasks to help out someone in need, these tasks include things like feeding a pet, or simply staying on to chat about the completed work.

Perhaps the most pleasing stat to read was that elderly people were often found to get the best deals out of those in the trades. The elderly are vulnerable and often seen as easy targets for rogue tradespeople, so it is delightful to hear that this demographic in particular were generally happy with the work they received.

What can tradespeople learn?

Obviously it is nice to read some encouraging statistics that paint my industry in a more favourable light than it is often used to.

Of course I am not naive enough to believe that rogue tradespeople and cowboys have disappeared, but the ethical and professional among us should be using these stats to show that the good guys do exist and that we are here to help.

The Wise Appraoch

Here at Wise Property Care we find the best way to show that we are a trustworthy brand is by letting people know about our accreditations.

I am incredibly proud of the fact that we are rated and approved by all of the major trade bodies in our industry including the Property Care Association and Trust Mark. Moreover, independent consumer body Which? have made us a Trusted Trader.

I would encourage anyone looking for a company to work on their property to check for accreditations like those above to make sure you are getting the best people for the job.

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