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What makes our new website special?


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One of my favourite things about running Wise Property Care is watching the company adapt to new technological advances.

When I started in preservation, many moons ago, things were a lot different. Surveyors were not using tablet computers to take photos and generate quotes and mobile phones were something from Star Trek. As for updating our company website, back then I would have thought “the web” was something made by Spider-Man!

It is a different age now though, and I am proud to be publishing this blog on our brand new “responsive” website.

Why have we made the switch? Read on to find out more...

A new website for new technology

I have to admit I was a little anxious when the company marketing bods said we needed to update the Wise Property Care site, I was quite fond of the old one. Our previous website looked nice, delivered results and it even won an award in 2015. How obsolete could it be?

Then I took a look at on my smartphone and i-Pad and I could see what our team was getting at, it did look a little small and fiddly. My marketing team assured me this new “responsive” site would look just as good on the smaller screens as it did on the laptop or desktop, and do you know what? I reckon they are right.

A mobile future

The latest stats from Google suggest that more than half of people are accessing the web on their phone or tablet rather than a computer these days, so launching a new website that made life as easy as possible for our customers was obviously a no-brainer.

Our new site responds to whatever device you are using, so whether it is an Android phone, an Apple tablet or Windows computer you should get a website that is readable and easy to navigate.

Hopefully you find the site smooth, sleek and easy to use. Of course any feedback regarding the site is more than welcome, so feel free to let us know what you think by emailing:

Moving forward

While the site has been getting developed we have been a little quiet on the blog front, but do not worry, now that we are up and running I will continue to deliver all the latest property preservation gossip on a regular basis.

Oh, and remember to look out for our Euro 2016 promotion where we will be giving away goodies and launching fun competitions via email, our social media channels and our shiny new website.

Until next time,

The Rotter.