Border's teams in Wise shootout

A day out clay pigeon shooting


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Top Gun Vicky Maxwell of "Hastings & Co" proved something of a dark horse taking top prize at the recent ‘Wise Property Care clay pigeon shootout' event at Braidwood Clays, near Selkirk.

The event, organised by manager's William Mulgrew, Keith Rennie and Leanne Cameron from Wise Property Care's Hawick and borders branch, proved a huge success with a strong turnout and represented by many firms in the Borders region.

Borders ladies lead the way in Wise shoot out

Split into five teams, the ladies team of Shelley, Amy and Jayne of ‘Lindsays' with Helen and Vicky from ‘Hastings & Co' and Ellie for ‘Allied Surveyors'; stormed to success leaving the boys well down the field with father and son team Michael and Frank Wathem of ‘Edwin Thompson' fighting the honours for the boys.

Finishing last and clearly not having a good day away from the office, Ron Hastings could not match his wife Helen Hasting in 4th place and came away with the "Booby Prize".

Wise shoot out order of merit

1st place: Vicky Maxwell of Hastings & Co

2nd place: Michael Wathem of Edwin Thompson

3rd place: Frank Wathem of Edwin Thompson

Joint 4th place: Helen Hastings of Hastings & Co and Simon Thomson of WR Thompsons

Booby prize: Ron Hastings of Hastings & Co

A big ‘Thank You' to everyone

On behalf of the team at Wise Property Care, a big ‘thank you' to everyone that attended and a ‘thank you' to Joyce and the team at Braidwood Clays for providing an excellent day out. We hope you enjoyed your day as much as our team did.

Borders teams in attendance

  • Shepherds
  • Edwin Thompsons
  • Sale and Partners
  • Langlee Developments
  • Lindseys
  • Hardies
  • Roxburghe Estates
  • Allied Surveyors
  • Bannerman & Burke
  • Pyemount Design
  • Murray & Burrell
  • CM Welsh Builders
  • WR Thompson Plumbers
  • JPM Electricians

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