How to protect your property against severe winter weather


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"When winter does come, gods help us all if we're not ready"

Game of Thrones character Maester Aemon wasn't wrong when he highlighted the urgency for the people of Westeros to prepare for winter.

Here at Wise Property Care, we're also urging our customers and all Scottish homeowners to recognise that "winter is coming" and they must act fast to ensure their properties are sufficiently protected before adverse weather conditions have the opportunity to cause significant damage to properties.

With temperatures dropping and the heightened risk of snow, homeowners run the risk of several property problems such as damp, mould, leaks and frozen pipes. However, all these property problems can be avoided if homeowners take simple tips to protect properties from winter weather.


It is important to regularly check gutters, drains and roofs in the build up to the winter season. A build up of debris in gutters significantly increases the risk of water damage to a property. Heavy rainfall in clogged gutters could lead to water penetrating the roof space, causing extensive water damage. Any weakness in a roof's structure can be exposed by strong winter winds which could lead to leaks and flooding in the loft or roof. Water damage can be significantly expensive to treat so we strongly recommend taking the necessary time to ensure roofs and gutters are ready for the winter weather before penetrating damp can occur.


The number of properties suffering from condensation dramatically increases as the weather deteriorates, leading to unsightly property problems such as damp and black mould. We strongly recommend homeowners ensure their properties are sufficiently ventilated in the winter months, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms where excess moisture is created from everyday activities such as cooking and cleaning. Homeowners should ensure that extractor fans are working adequately and to keep doors closed and windows open whenever possible, especially when cooking and showering.


Burst or frozen water pipes can lead to a variety of damp problems. Water damage to timber can even lead to dry rot or wet rot so it is crucial to take the necessary steps to ensure pipes are sufficiently protected against severe weather conditions. Assuming there are no cracks in the pipes, ensure pipes are sufficiently insulated. Corners and edges of pipes often tend to be the most exposed so it's important to ensure all areas of the pipe is sufficiently insulated. Heating should remain consistent throughout the season, even if the homeowner is not in the property. Daily heating even on a low temperature will prevent pipes from freezing.


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