Top property tips for the summer


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As temperatures soar throughout the country, it is safe to say that summer is well and truly here. That said, everyone flocking outside to soak up the sun should still keep their property in mind. Here are some top tips to help you get the most from your property this summer.

It is a great time to start selling

Summer is a great time to take photographs if you are intending on selling your property. There will be plenty of natural light flooding through the windows, making your interior look its best. Your exterior shots will also benefit from a beautiful backdrop of clear, blue sky. Summer is also a great time to have people view a property. Jane Marr from The Little Housing Company says “Sellers showing potential buyers around on a sunny day help present their property in the best environment”.

It is woodworm mating season

If you have a woodworm problem then summer is a good time to install electric fly traps in affected areas. Adult woodworm beetles will emerge to mate in the summer, so killing them at this point in their lifecycle will help prevent future infestations.

Japanese knotweed is easier to spot

Japanese knotweed growth is exponential in the summer, making it relatively easy to spot. Japanese knotweed can reach heights of 2-3 meters at this time of year and will begin to bloom small white flowers. Japanese knotweed has the potential to be an incredibly destructive plant and its presence can slash thousands of pounds from the value of a property, so identification and treatment are vital.

Do not over-publicise your travel plans

Burglars are becoming very tech-savvy. If you are going on holiday for a few weeks then do not mention details such as dates and durations of your break on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You are essentially advertising your property as being empty.

Prepare for the coming autumn and winter

Nobody wants to think about it, but the cold weather will come back, so make sure you are prepared for it. One of the main reasons properties suffer from condensation problems in the colder months is a lack of ventilation, so it may be wise to use the summer time to check any airways in your property, such as chimneys or air bricks, for blockages.

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