The first WPC weekly round-up

In our first weekly round-up we take a look at some of our top property stories we have found over the last week. We aim to highlight good news in the property market, worrying stories and problems that can affect properties.

Why sellers are staying put

The GSPC Property Blog published a fantastic post on why sellers are ‘staying put’ earlier this week. Mark Hordern from GSPC compared the Scottish property market to an experiment by conducted by two American economists. Their conclusion revealed that people tend to value something that they have more than something they don’t own.

Putting this into terms of the Scottish property market, Horden concluded that sellers are valuing their own properties higher than a future home meaning that they think their home is worth more than one they are thinking about buying.

If you have a few minutes to spare Mark Horden’s article is well worth a read.

Scottish house prices & the Olympics

Sticking with the property price theme, Property Talk Live are reporting that Scottish house prices fell in September by 0.3% and by 2.9% annually which is the largest decline since November 2009.

Property Talk Live make an interesting link to the Olympics that were held in August. Could the Scottish housing market be jetlagged from the distraction of the Olympics? Buyers didn’t go out to view in August and therefore there are fewer sales in September. Will we see an increase in October to make up for it?

Rental Property Advice: Damp or Condensation?

Castle Estates have come up against a similar problem that we often come up against. Is it condensation or is it another form of damp? Quite rightly, Castle Estates identified that condensation is a problem that is due to excess moisture in the air and a lack of ventilation. Damp is a more serious problem and it often appears lower down on the walls. Damp problems often appear if there is a leaking gutter or down pipe.

Damp – who’s to blame? The tenant or the Housing Association?

Our friends over at Meaco have blogged about a similar issue. Their MD’s most recent article talks about a phone call he received from a customer who was wondering if his old and drafty windows were the reason he has condensation and mould on his walls.

So who is to blame, tenant or housing association? We have to agree with Meaco and say that condensation is a lifestyle issue. We have produced our own top 10 steps to stop condensation.

Award for Dundonald House Care Home

We have recently presented a couple of CPD presentations fir CGRP Ltd and thought that we should finish the article on a high by mentioning that a care home that CGRP did a lot of work on has recently won “The Care Home Design Award 2012” – well done to everyone involved!

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