Wise and White union

The future of Wise Property Care


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On the 30th of January 2006, Wise Property Care and White Preservation, Scotland's 2nd and 5th largest preservation companies, joined forces to become the leading provider of preservation services in Scotland. The acquisition will provide, both our domestic and commercial customers, with an improved overall service, through the addition of 2 new offices in Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline, where an established and highly skilled workforce currently exists.

What does this mean for White and Wise?

White Preservation will continue to trade locally from these offices, as a division of Wise Property Care. Therefore, existing White Preservation customers will continue to experience the exceptional levels of customer service they are accustomed to.

The merging of White Preservation with Wise Property Care will bring a number of benefits for both new and existing clients; ensuring the delivery of high quality surveys and specialised eradication services from branches in Aberdeen, Falkirk, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy. This localised element of our business illustrates our company's commitment to continually improving the efficiency of our workforce, the speed of our service and your accessibility to us as a company.

Furthermore, with substantial investment in developing a comprehensive IT strategy throughout the company Wise Property Care promises to be at the forefront of innovative property care services in Scotland.