Wise Property Care's 15th Birthday

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It is Wise Property Care's 15th birthday. Time for a birthday song! Only joking...but on reflection, it is amazing as a company how far Wise Property Care has come.

The day Wise Property Care was born

On the 10th September 1996 at 12 midday, Les Meikle (aka The Rotter) and Janey Meikle committed their house and entire savings, as well as some shortfall in cash, from Les's mum and dad; to buy the name and certain assets of Timberwise Consultants which had fallen into administration. That day was also a Friday and over that weekend Les & Janey had a crisis of confidence.

Thankfully, they got over it and after 15 years trading and rebranding to Wise Property Care Ltd, we now have one of the UK's leading preservation companies and Scotland's largest and most successful family owned business in its sector.

Celebrating Wise Property Care's 15 birthday years in business

Over that period Les and Janey have experienced the good and most recently challenging times. Together with all our technicians, surveyors, internal head office and branch teams; our Operations Director Brian Reid and Managers Peter Ross and William Mulgrew have turned around a loss making year in 2009 into a record profit year in 2010 by a combination of major restructuring and strategic acquisitions.

Supported by a dynamic marketing department led by Andy Ferguson, Wise Property Care has one of the most popular and widely visited (if not the most visited) websites in its industry with some 10000+ visitors per month taking advantage of the wide range of detailed property care videos that supports the understanding of building defects such as woodworm, wet rot, dry rot, rising damp, basement waterproofing and condensation.

Looking forward to celebrating another 15 years

We want to say thank you to everyone that has helped to make Wise Property Care a success. We look back on the past 15 years with pride and look forward to the next 15 years with a lot of enthusiasm. We always aim to be number one and are proud to be the property owners first port of call for the rectification of major defects in Scotland's proud property Heritage.

For more information on Wise Property Care

For more information on Wise Property Care then visit our website or get in touch using the online contact form.

Alternatively to speak to a property care expert then call us on 0800 65 22 678 or visit the contact us web page.