Wise Weekly News Round Up #2

Our weekly round-up is back, although slightly shorter this week, and as it gets closer to Christmas we thought that we would be seeing a number of articles regarding the snow that hit Scotland over the weekend...The only one that we found in our search was on our own site right here. We put together a few tips on how to prepare your home for winter and we highly recommend you check them out.

DSS Housing website preys on the homeless

Andrew Penman from The Mirror did a little bit of research into a website that claims to be “The UK’s #1 DSS Housing Website.” He found out this company isn’t all that it claims to be. We feel as responsible members of the property industry we should be highlighting this problem.

The website in question preys on the homeless and low-earners, encouraging them to phone an expensive line although they don’t have any accommodation to offer them. Our advice is that if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is!

Act now to beat the problems of condensation

Would a weekly round-up be complete without an article on condensation?

The Kidderminster Shuttle has taken our advice on-board (or so we like to think) and published a small article on how to help reduce condensation. Their tips are similar to our own but they also suggest ‘spray foaming’ the loft with a non-toxic 100%, water blown insulation system.

They estimate that it could save the average UK home as much as 50% on their heating bill each year. This is some saving; the average heating bill in the UK a year is around £1200!

Interest in Zone Letting’s flats is through the roof

Last week we mentioned CRGP Ltd’s success in winning an award so we thought we would move interest and share some good news from our friends at Zone Letting.

They are reporting that interest in their flats in the run up to Christmas is “through the roof” and shared a small image to their Facebook following.

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