The WPC Weekly News Round-Up #3

Welcome to our festive weekly news round-up special.  The “Ho Ho Ho” of Santa is just around the corner. Going by the recent snow fall and the possible weather trends to come, Santa might be please that there might be a white Christmas. Will it actually be a white Christmas? You can find out more below.  In the meantime, we have pulled together some interesting articles and some tip-bits to help you over the festive period.

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Daily Mail reports house prices to rise in 2013...or will they?

Thanks to an increase in mortgage competition and a shortage of homes, the Daily Mail has predicted that house prices will be on the raise in 2013 with an average raise of 2% (based on the RICS 2013 housing market predictions).  

This seems contrary to the recent report on the BBC News where they reported that: Scottish house prices are set to remain flat and with the recent article within 'The Telegraph' reporting that: asking prices fall as homeowners look for quick sales.  Who are we to believe? It seems with all the confusing information out there, it may still be a case of ‘putting your finger in the air and hoping the wind might tell us’! In our opinion however, we hope the recent article in the Daily Mail is correct!

Rettie & Co offer signs of housing market hope

A recent newsletter published by Rettie and Co has analysed what appears to be a very healthy recovery in the US housing market and discusses the implications this has for the UK and Scotland. Why is the US housing market important to Scotland and the UK? Click to read their informative newsletter.

Ensuring the cold does not burst or freeze your pipes

You would be amazed with the amount of phone calls we have taken recently with the recent cold snap resulting with frozen pipes that have now burst and caused water damage and damp problems. In case of any predicted cold snaps occurring over the festive period, we have pulled together some tip-bits to help anyone with frozen or burst pipes. Simply click on the links below to view:

Will it be a White Christmas?

Bets are now being taken on whether it will be a white Christmas. Going by the book makers, your odds range from being 6/1 to 3/1 in favour of snow landing. For Santa air traffic control however, the odds sound good for flying reindeer and sleigh landing. 

As you would expect however, the Met Office are sitting on the fence regarding the outcome of a white Christmas this year. The last thing they want is another ‘Michael Fish hurricane incident’! However, if you are interested in what the Met Office has to say, you can view the trends of Christmas’s past and the predictions by viewing the Met Office White Christmas predictions webpage

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

On behalf of everyone at Wise Property Care, may we take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year when the bells come. We hope everyone has a fantastic time over the festive period and we will see you all again on the flip side with even more interesting articles within our 'Weekly News Round-Ups'.

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