Call of the woodworm

Do some people have the hearing of a dog?!?


Freephone :

Most folk have had to call out a landlord to get something fixed before but I guarantee very few of us have made emergency calls for reasons as daft as locking ourselves in the toilet or ‘head banging’ woodworm.

Out-there occupants

I enjoyed a few sniggers this morning whilst reading “Letting Protection Service Scotland’s” (LPS) recently published list of odd emergency calls. Some of the complaints, including a tenant who thought the kitchen kettle was their property’s water boiler, really beggared belief. One particular compliant, which topped the list, had a particular interest though; a worried tenant who called her letting agent to complain about “noisy” woodworm in her furniture.

At Wise we are woodworm treatment experts, so we know quite a bit about woodworm, and despite being pests one thing they are not is noisy (unless you have the hearing skills of a dog,)!

So...what exactly is woodworm?

Woodworm are the larvae of wood boring beetles that damage timber by consuming it from within. Despite their maniacal munching, the larvae are quiet eaters and have no vocal chords to click or wings to buzz. While the facts about woodworm debunk the worried tenant’s complaints, they also highlight the need to look for visual clues to identify woodworm in your timber.

Some more curious complaints

Other quirky highlights from LPS’s list of tenant complaints included:

  • A smelly fridge
  • A broken toaster (which meant the tenant couldn’t “cook” while his girlfriend was away)
  • A tenant who thought their landlord should change light bulbs for them
  • Mice having a party
  • A tenant who wanted their landlord to hunt down foxes that had killed their chickens

LPS Scotland director Kevin Firth said: "Everyone here has their favourite, but you have to like the lady who thinks her letting agents will hunt down hen-eating foxes as part of the service. We hope everyone else finds them as funny as we did."

Maybe it is be just being ‘a Rotter’, but complaints like these are certainly funny. I cannot help but feel sympathy for the landlords when they have tenants this ditsy!

More about woodworm

To find out the actual facts about woodworm, click on the links below. We promise that there will be no scary woodworm noises.