Solving Iceland's woodworm problem

75% of UK homes suffer from woodworm


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Our northern Scottish specialist in all things woodworm is packing his bags to solve Iceland’s woodworm problem.

Mark Kerr is flying to the country, where a woodworm infestation is extremely rare, to use his expertise in woodworm control to help a worried homeowner.

Woodworm a rare issue in Iceland

The Aberdeen based professional said: "It is really common in the U.K, 75% of houses get it, however it seems there is no one in Iceland that knows how to identify woodworm and treat it. I was asked by a local when I got here  “what is woodworm?” so I had to explain what it was. Very few of the houses apparently use the soft wood which woodworm like."

Mr Kerr, 42, of Wise Property Care, Aberdeen was told by bosses in to pack his chemicals and fly out in the new year.

The problem is believed to have started when woodworm were brought to a house in the capital city, possibly inside imported furniture.

The homeowner contacted a local professor of Entomology (study of insects) as he had no idea how to identify woodworm, and the professor correctly helped to identify the issue.

Treating the Icelandic woodworm

The local professor then contacted Wise Property Care who assigned their north of Scotland woodworm specialist, Mark Kerr to the job. Mr Kerr will look to carry out various woodworm treatment techniques to ensure that the problem is eradicated.

Mr Kerr, of Ellon in Aberdeenshire, said: "It is a fantastic opportunity. I have never been to Iceland before. It is usually too cold and dry for woodworm so it will be interesting to see which woodworm beetles are surviving here.”

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