Watch Out: there is a "Woodworm" Scam About!

Bogus traders are using maggots to dupe victims


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At Wise Property Care we are extremely proud to say we are rated and approved by a number of leading trade bodies such as The PCA, Which?, Safe Contractor, Trust Mark and Check-a-Trade: Not forgetting our unique distinction of being the only RICS regulated preservation contractor in the country. This is why there is nothing that boils our blood more than rouge traders giving our industry a bad name!

With this in mind, we thought we would share one of the most shocking pieces of news we have heard regarding bogus tradespeople…

“Woodworm” Maggot Swindle

Just this week, a senior couple in the Angus village of Westmuir have been targeted by fake tradespeople who used live maggots in an attempt to persuade them they had woodworm in their roof.

Luckily, the couple's bank raised the alarm after becoming suspicious of their customers' request to withdraw £3,000.

This is not a unique incident either. Last month another elderly couple in Montrose also gave £5,000 to tradespeople passing off maggots as woodworm.

The men have convinced their victims to let them in to do a “woodworm inspection” after telling them they have noticed slack slates on their roof.

Angus Council trading standards believe these criminals may be working as part of organised gang operating right across the UK. It is also believed the gang are specifically targeting old and vulnerable people - an absolutely sickening act of fraud.

Rated and Approved Experts

Stories like the one above tarnish the good name of legitimate tradespeople all across the country, but thankfully there are trade bodies out there that rate and approve trustworthy experts like Wise Property Care. It goes without saying that you should never allow a tradesperson off the street to inspect your home.

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Do You Need a Woodworm Expert?

If you are concerned about a legitimate woodworm problem in your property, then check out the pages below to help you identify a woodworm problem, understand the treatment process and see what a genuine woodworm survey involves.