Woodworm in Furniture

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A past-time which is gaining immense popularity is upcycling furniture. This involves buying pre-owned or vintage furniture and repurposing it for your own tastes and decor.

With hundreds of active blogs on the subject, as well as a ton of inspirational boards on social media sites such as Pinterest, the popularity of upcycling doesn’t look like weaning - and why should it. Reclaiming old furniture provides people with the opportunity to add extra character and panache to their properties with unique furnishings.

That said, when you bring a piece of wooden furniture into your house you bring its entire history with it, and that history can include the property pest woodworm.

Woodworm in furniture [Infographic]

Woodworm in furniture

The above infographic shows the warning signs that a piece of furniture will display if it has been subject to a woodworm infestation. It should be pointed out though that while frass and dead beetles would be a sign of a current woodworm problem, burrow holes may be left over from a woodworm problem that has since been treated. That said, if you cannot verify woodworm treatment it isn’t really worth the risk of acquiring furniture displaying any of the above symptoms.

Woodworm treatment

There are a range of DIY treatments for individual pieces of furniture. These include sprays and furniture waxes with added insecticide. These are generally effective woodworm treatments, however they would be insufficient for a woodworm problem in the home (floorboards, beams, joists etc...) where professional help would be recommended.

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