Woodworm concern for council houses


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Nicola Haley, a mother of two in Hemel Hempstead has raised a concern with her local council after being housed in a property which has a major woodworm infestation in the staircase.

The family had recently been in temporary accommodation provided by the council for several weeks before moving into their new permanent home for a fresh start. However, Ms Haley noticed the woodworm infestation as soon as her and her family moved into the property. Ms Harvey stated that she thought the woodworm infestation should have been dealt with before she moved in.

Council respond to woodworm infestation concern

Claire McKnight, spokesperson for Dacorum Borough Council, said that they were not aware of a woodworm infestation before the family moved in saying that “we were not aware at the time of the inspection that the staircase has been damaged by a wood boring insect. It would be difficult to view this defect as there is only a small area that is accessible on the underside of the staircase and the rest was hidden from the view of the inspector.”

However, this goes against what Ms Haley said as she thought the woodworm infestation on the staircase is so severe that when one walks up the stairs the whole staircase moves and one member of the family put there foot through on the stairs.

As opposed to a woodworm treatment, the council are now constructing a new staircase for the property and the family will be relocated to another location when it gets fitted. The council said that if they had realised the full extent of the woodworm infestation they would have repaired it before the family moved in.

The Rotter talks about the woodworm infestation

Les Meikle, a.k.a. The Rotter of Wise Property Care said that “woodworm infestations can be a very serious problem and if you think you have woodworm then it is important to get it inspected; especially if it is in an area as important as the staircase of your home."