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It is starting to look a lot more like summer. The temperature is rising, tans are getting topped up and “taps” are coming “aff”. Summer certainly changes Scotland.

The summer also changes the types of jobs we get here at Wise Property Care. One property problem that quite literally rears its ugly head is wood-boring beetles (a.k.a: woodworm).

Summer is when these wee beasties decide to get amorous and more woodworm eggs means more woodworm problems, and more woodworm treatment work for us.

Would you know how to spot the signs of woodworm season? Read my latest Rotter blog to get wise on woodworm.

When do woodworm beetles mate?

Like most creepy crawlies in the natural world, wood-boring beetles have a mating season. These little critters spend the sunnier months crawling out from the moist wood they have spent their larval and pupae stages munching on. You can expect to see these beetles making an appearance between late-May and early-September.

What do woodworm beetles look like?

Here in Scotland we are only really troubled by one main wood-boring beetle, the common furniture beetle. These pests are brown, very small (around half a centimetre) and enjoy damp wood to lay their eggs into.

The larva of the common furniture beetle will remain in plywood for longer than any other type.

If you begin to spot these small beetles in your property, you can be sure they are seeking out a new damp spot of wood to start a new cycle of life, and prolonged exposure to woodworm can affect the structural integrity of your property.

Woodworm treatment

Depending how much of a munch the woodworm larva have had, the treatment for woodworm can range from the simple application of chemicals to replacing the affected timbers. This range of treatment options highlights the importance of nipping a woodworm problem in the bud early.

Woodworm help and advice.

That’s all from me for this edition of the Rotter blog. If you have any woodworm queries please feel free to send them to info@wisepropertycare.com or give us a call on freephone: 0800 65 22 678

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