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Hello folks and welcome to the latest Rotter blog.

The summer is closing in on us, and while that is great news for most people, it is also the start of woodworm season.

Woodworm is a condition that has a lot of misconceptions attached to it and I’ve always believed there to be a lack of awareness out there regarding the condition.

Woodworm is worth knowing about though, as it can cause serious structural problems; just ask the curators of the UNESCO world heritage site that collapsed recently due, in part, to an ongoing woodworm problem.

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What is woodworm?

Well, it is not a worm for starters. Woodworm is the name applied to the larvae of wood-boring beetles, the most common in Scotland being the common furniture beetle. These beetles lay their eggs in damp wood and when the larvae hatch they munch their way through the timber leaving tunnels and dusty “frass” (a polite preservation industry word for woodworm poo) behind.

It is the tunnels the worms leave that can, over time, lead to timbers becoming structurally unsound, and this can have disastrous effects.

Woodworm damage

Woodworm damage in Vietnam

If it is caught early, woodworm can very easily be nipped in the bud and should not lead to major timber replacement, however particularly bad cases can occur.

In Vietnam, a centuries old Royal pavilion partly collapsed due to a woodworm infestation that had gone unchecked. The beautiful building, part of a UNESCO world heritage site, had part of its roof fall in. Thankfully this disaster happened a few days after the structure had been used to celebrate Buddha’s birthday! I know Buddha is supposed to love all animals, but I reckon even he would have been peeved with the irksome invertebrates had they crushed his birthday party.

Woodworm treatment

Thankfully woodworm is an entirely treatable condition and our qualified and experienced surveyors can identify and treat any woodworm problem your property might throw at you.

If you want to know more about woodworm treatment I would recommend looking at our woodworm treatment page.

Hopefully you can enjoy the summer without worrying about woodworm but if you need to give us a call we will always be happy to help.

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