World class innovations at Brazil 2014


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So the World cup is upon us again and this looks like it is going to be one of the most innovative yet.

From the new ergonomically designed world cup ball to the introduction of goal line technology for the first time, it seems as though an appliance of science and touch of technology will be improving our enjoyment of the tournament.

We are no strangers to innovation at Wise Property Care either, of course, so sit back relax and read my take on some world class World Cup tech...

Improving results

World Cup 2014 promises a glut of goals thanks to the new Brazuca ball designed specifically for the tournament: and, considering the fact we haven't had a game without goals yet, it looks like the Brazuca is working.

The designers at Adidas say the Brazuca has a never before seen panel shape that should make the balls flight faster and more accurate: a definite bonus for top attacking players like Ronaldo, Messi, Robben or Neymar.

We love what we are hearing about the new Brazuca ball here at Wise, so much so that we are giving away official wee replicas of these fancy Adidias balls as part of our world cup survey promotion. Head over to our property survey page to find out how you can get your hands on one.

Improving accuracy

Goal line technology will also be introduced for the first time at a World Cup. This will allow any “goals that could/should have been” to be avoided. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you about what happened to England during their game with Germany at the 2010 tournament.

The French will certainly be happy with this innovation as it gave them a 3-0 win, their biggest in a good few years, against Honduras last night when the technology recognised an own goal by the Honduran keeper that might ordinarily have been missed.

Improving through innovation

I am confident that these technological advancements will only improve the tournament in Brazil.

We recently made a technological innovation ourselves with the launch of our Wise Speedy Estimate survey tool and have seen brilliant results already in terms of business objectives and customer satisfaction. The Speedy Estimate has delivered extra speed, transparency, trust and innovation to teamWise and I’m confident the new innovations at the 2014 World Cup will also deliver the goods in Brazil.

Also, speaking of delivering goods, remember to arrange a survey with us this month and we will deliver a world cup gift bag to you as an extra special treat.

Until next time...
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