Condensation treatment can be as simple as opening windows throughout the day, turning on extractor fans whilst cooking and drying clothes outside rather than inside. For more serious condensation problems, however, professional mechanical treatments will need to be considered such as installing an air ventilation system.

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Minor condensation and black mould problems can be solved with simple DIY changes. Activities such as showering, cooking, drying clothes indoors, using the tumble dryer and even breathing release moisture into the air. Obviously these activities are essential and unavoidable, but fortunately their impact on your property can be minimised.

By opening windows or using extractor fans when cooking, showering or drying clothes along with other maintenance tasks such as making sure air bricks, and vents are clear, minor condensation and mould problems can be alleviated with the minimum of fuss.

Persistent condensation problems that continue regardless will require professional attention.


Stopping the source of moisture is only one part of the condensation treatment process. Cleaning up the damage left behind also has to be considered, and in the majority of condensation cases, this means cleaning up black mould.

Black mould grows on surfaces such as paint, plaster and timber when condensation provides suitably damp conditions for the mould to thrive. It is an unsightly, smelly and unhealthy problem to have in a property, but fortunately if you fix the source of the condensation it is simply a case of cleaning it away.

Cleaning small patches of black mould, around a window for example, can be as simple as buying some mould cleaner and following the instructions on the bottle. However, in severe circumstances, where a whole house mould clean is required we would recommend contacting a professional.


Sometimes a condensation problem will be severe enough that professional treatment is required. More often than not this will require the installation of some kind of electronic ventilation.

From simple extractor fans to more advanced positive pressure ventilation systems, Wise Property Care will be able to evaluate your property and find the correct ventilation solution for you.


Find out why mechanical air ventilation is needed to combat the toughest condensation problems.

PIV - Loft Installation


PIV systems are an advanced ventilation solution that let your property breathe.


If you do not know how to tackle the presence of condensation in your property, a professional condensation surveyor from Wise Property Care will be able to identify and treat the problem using their experience and specialist equipment.

Wise Property Care are at the cutting edge of property preservation and are experts at identifying potential sources of condensation in a property and implementing the correct treatment or solution for eradicating it.


Our fully qualified and experienced surveyors and technicians will:

  1. Identify the source of the condensation problem
  2. Investigate potential ventilation issues
  3. Look for any associated damp problems
  4. Recommend the correct treatment for your property
  5. Carry out any recommended treatment or repairs
  6. Ensure your property is left safe and clean

Whatever treatment Wise Property Care applies to your condensation problem, we will cover it with our real and meaningful 20 year property care guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind for the future.


If you suspect your property may require condensation treatment called Wise Property Care today to speak to an expert and arrange a property survey or complete our online contact form below.

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