Wise Property Care are able to provide a thermal  plaster system for walls that combats condensation by preventing cold spots. As an added benefit, our thermal plaster can also increase the thermal efficiency of your property which can reduce energy bills and contribute to an improved EPC rating .  

Cost effective and practical, this combination of thin tiles and plaster allows walls to be insulated without the added expense of removing skirting, window frames, central heating or other fixtures and fittings. 

Our thermal plastering solution also meets building regulations where it is not possible to install an alternative insulation system.

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Using plaster trim beads our thermal plastering can fit seamlessly around awkward curves and shapes such as alcoves and can even be installed over existing plasterwork. This means your property can maintain its distinctive features while also fighting condensation and mould

Insulated trim beads are also used to reduce the effect of cold bridging; essentially a weak spot in the insulation that allows air to cling to the area. Cold bridging is often the cause of black mould growing around window frames, doors and skirting. In addition to this, our specially designed tiles allow the system to be installed with minimal impact on doors and window openings. 


Wall with damp problems
Application of thermal system
Wall fully tiled
Plaster applied on top


Despite only being 1.5cm thick, our thermal plaster system can reduce heat loss through 9-inch brick walls by up to 40% creating a more comfortable living environment and reducing energy bills. 

After installation your property will have a smooth surface ready for decoration. Most paint types and wallpaper coverings can be used once the plaster finish is dried.


Preventing condensation requires the right balance of heating, insulation and ventilation.  Wise Property Care thermal plaster helps with heating and insulation but ventilation is also an important part. Our surveyors will be able to advise the best way to let moist air escape your property.

A lot of the time ventilation can simply be a maintenance issue where air bricks need cleared, trickle vents need opened or extractor fans need to be used more regularly. However, in extreme cases or persistent condensation and mould we can also provide mechanical PIV units to help improve ventilation. PIV stands for Positive Input Ventilation and these systems remove excess moisture from the air, improving circulation throughout the premises.



The number one cause of condensation and black mould is the build up of humid air in a property. Find out about our mechanical positive input ventilation solutions that allow your property to breathe.


For more than 25 years, Wise Property  Care has been building value back into premises across Scotland through our  property repair treatments.  

With branches throughout Scotland, we  offer a localised and personal service with our qualified team having many years experience working in the industry. 

Wise Property Care are members of the Property Care Association (PCA), Trustmark and are Constructionline and Safecontractor approved. We are also Which? Trusted Traders.  

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