Can cavity wall insulation lead to damp problems?

If the insulation is not properly installed, then cavity wall insulation damp problems can occur. That said, cavity wall insulation, when done correctly, can be a cost effective way to reduce heat loss from your home, and can be a wise investment for a lot of properties.

If you believe your cavity wall insulation is causing damp problems in your home then then the damp experts at Wise Property Care will be able to provide a solution.

We will arrange for one of our fully qualified damp specialists to visit your property and assess the damage before providing you with damp treatment options.


The walls of most buildings will either be constructed with solid walls or cavity walls. A cavity wall has a gap (usually 50mm wide) between the outer and inner wall. Cavity wall insulation refers to the process of filling this gap with insulation material such as mineral-wool fibre, beaded polystyrene or foam.

If the property is already built, installing cavity wall insulation typically involves drilling holes of around 25mm through the outer walls and pumping in the insulation material to fill up the cavity wall. The holes are then filled with materials that should match your properties brickwork. Cavity wall insulation may take several hours to install depending on the size of the property. 


Any problems with cavity wall insulation typically arise due to poor installation or a lack of attention to the properties suitability in having the cavity wall insulation fitted in the first place.

Cavity wall insulation works by reducing heat escaping from a property home, as one third of heat within homes is lost through the walls. However, if gaps are left in the insulation, then these gaps will remain cold. The moisture in the warm air trying to escape your property will rest in these cold patches potentially resulting in condensation problems like black mould developing inside the cavity wall. Overtime, this build up of moisture may migrate to the inner walls of your home causing symptoms akin to penetrating damp.

To add further misery to the situation, if the insulation within the cavity wall becomes damp, then it will start to draw heat from your property. Damp insulation is worse than no installation at all.


Here at Wise Property Care we can remedy damp problems that occur from poorly installed cavity wall insulation.

If you are suffering from cavity wall insulation damp, call Wise Property Care today or fill out the form at the bottom of the page to request a property survey online.

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