Our fully qualified and experienced surveyors are experts at identifying and treating rising damp. If a rising damp survey from one of our professional damp experts confirms the presence of rising damp in your property then we can also propose a rising damp solution that best suits your property.


The most common forms of rising damp treatment usually involve the injection of a silicone type chemical either in the form of solution or cream.  The reason for this is that it is typically the easiest and most cost effective treatment to use within built properties. Depending on the thickness of the walls, this is usually done by drilling holes in a band around the affected wall(s) and injecting the recommended chemical or cream solution.

Alternatively, there are other methods such as installing the Electro Osmotic system or the installation of a physical rising damp membrane to form a new damp proof barrier. Both these options are more suitable for professional use.

After a new rising damp treatment course has been installed, any salt contaminated plaster work should be replaced. If the plaster work is not properly removed and replaced with specialist salt retardant plaster, the salts that are present in the plaster may continue to absorb moisture from the air even after the installation of a new retrofit damp proof course giving the appearance of dampness.


Our fully qualified and experienced surveyors and technicians will:

  1. Start by identifying all the areas affected by rising damp.
  2. Establish any features that may be causing the rising damp issue and either propose solutions for you to rectify or we can include the solution within our treatment plan.
  3. Identify if there are any wet rot or dry rot issues as a consequence of the rising damp issue.
  4. After consulting with yourself and taking into account the type of property and any heritage issues, we will identify the most appropriate rising damp treatment. Unless it is a very unique property, this will typically be in the form of either a chemical damp proof treatment, injection mortar/creams or electro osmotic treatment.
  5. Carry out all rising damp installations and external repairs.
  6. Remove any affected plaster and replace using our specialist plaster that incorporates a waterproof additive and a dense sand with cement render.
  7. If necessary, replace any timbers affected by rot.
  8. Ensure your property is left clean and safe at the end of any property works.

At every stage during the rising damp treatment works and everyday that you are available on site, we will ensure that we walk you through what has been done and what you should expect to be completed.

Whatever rising damp treatment that may be required, you can be assured that it carries the benefit of our ‘real and meaningful’ 20 year property repair guarantee giving you the backing of the country’s leading damp, rot and woodworm specialist.


We understand that the prospect of having to treat rising damp or any form of property repair can be daunting and stressful. If it is the case you suspect or have identified that you have a rising damp issue and need it resolved, then we are here to help. Call Wise Property Care today or fill out our online contact form below.

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