If you are considering a cellar conversion then it is absolutely vital that your cellar is waterproof. Cellars tend to lie below the water table, and this makes them vulnerable to water pressure pushing against the walls and floor from the surrounding earth. As this pressure builds the masonry will begin to crack and water will flow into the cellar. Even a small crack can allow sufficient volumes of water to make the cellar a damp, dank and miserable part of your home.

If water were to get into a newly converted cellar then your decorations, upholstery and other furniture would almost certainly be at risk from water damage. On top of this, damp or wet conditions allow dry rot and wet rot to thrive and provide household pests a damp and humid environment in which to thrive.


Cellar waterproofing options vary, and they will often involve a blend of traditional and modern techniques. In most cases you will find that a traditional method such as cellar tanking or an exterior system like a French drain was originally installed when the cellar was constructed and that over time this system has failed.


Modern cellar waterproofing systems work differently from traditional systems. The old approach to waterproofing attempted to prevent water from entering the cellar, but small failures in the system inevitably allow a build up of water pressure against the cellar wall.

By comparison, modern cellar waterproofing systems allow water to seep inside the property. However, these systems control the water ingress “behind the scenes” by channelling it using drainage systems in combination with advanced air gap wall waterproofing membranes. The water is channelled either safely downhill out of your property or to a sump pump below floor level.


Our aim at Wise Basement Systems is to take responsibility for your cellar waterproofing from start to finish. Wise Basement Systems is a leading provider of cellar waterproofing solutions. Our surveyors have extensive cellar experience and qualifications from many different professional memberships such as the Property Care Association (PCA) and Structural Waterproofing Association. Our surveyors are also trained to CSSW (Certified Surveyor of Structural Waterproofing) standards. Combine this expertise with our 10-year cellar waterproofing guarantee and you can have complete peace of mind that your cellar is looked after by the best in the business.

Our fully experienced and qualified surveyors and technicians will inspect your cellar, determine the cause of your wet cellar and propose a cellar waterproofing solution with full specification and method statements. They will then hand things over to our experienced and trained technicians to carry out the cellar waterproofing solution ensuring that the cellar is left water tight.


If you want a visit from our expert surveyors then call us today or you can request a survey online using the form below and our team will get back to you.

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