The Type-A Waterproofing grade is defined by The British Standards Institute’s BS8102:2022 (Code of practice for protection of below ground structures against water from the ground) as ‘barrier protection’.

This means a material, such as waterproof cement, is applied that will offer a barrier to water ingress from outside. When applied to basements and cellars this type of waterproofing will often be referred to as basement tanking.

Type-A waterproofing systems are suitable for a number of different applications including: underground storage rooms, underground car parks or garages, earth retaining walls and swimming pools.

Type-A waterproofing systems are perfect for Grade 1 waterproofing, but may be unsuitable for Grade 2 or 3 waterproofing depending on the circumstances.

Click the button below to download a document put together by the Property Care Association (PCA) to explain best practice for applying Type-A waterproofing within below ground structures. Type A waterproofing is a system similar to basement tanking – it offers a barrier to the passage of water. Type A waterproofing is defined by the British Standards Institute (BSI) code of practice BS8102:2022.


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