The Type-B Waterproofing grade is defined by BS8102:2022 the structure itself being an integral water resistant shell.

This means that any structural waterproofing in a Type B systems is integrated into the structure at the time of construction. Invariably this means a build of reinforced concrete supplemented with a method of controlling water ingress at construction joints (such as a hydrophilic waterbar).

To be classed as a Type-B waterproofing system, a basement must be designed within certain strict parameters to ensure it is water resistant.

Type-B waterproofing would typically be achieve Grade 2 waterproofing results, but it is very versatile, so this is not necessarily the limit of its application. Your waterproofing contractor will be able to advise further

The document below was put together by the Property Care Association (PCA) to explain best practice for applying Type-B waterproofing in below ground structures. Type-B waterproofing is an integrated system that will usually consist of hydrophilic waterbars or metal waterbars installed into reinforced high-grade concrete. Type-B waterproofing is defined by the British Standards Institute (BSI) code of practice BS8102:2022.


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