Woodworm Treatment can vary massively in scale depending on the size of the infestation and the potential damage to property. Furniture affected by woodworm can be treated with DIY products, whereas infestations in structural timbers such as beams, floorboards and joists will require professional attention.

Wise Property Care has been helping people with woodworm problems for more than 25 years. Our help, advice and effective woodworm treatments are provided by qualified surveyors and experienced technicians. We have used the knowledge and expertise of our team to put the following guide together.

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The first step to treating a woodworm problem is identifying the size of the problem.

Woodworm is caused by wood boring insects, usually the Common Furniture Beetle, laying their eggs in damp timber. The resulting larvae eat their way through the timber compromising it’s structural integrity.

Crumbling wood, exit holes and tunnels in timber are all signs that woodworm has been present but not necessarily active. Whereas frass (damp bore-dust left by the larvae) and adult beetles (living or dead) are signs that an infestation may be active.

This makes spotting an active woodworm infestation tricky. The larvae can burrow through timber unnoticed for long periods. Luckily the trained and experienced team at Wise Property Care can identify the true scale of a woodworm infestation and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Woodworm Tunnels


The severity of damage caused by a woodworm infestation all depends on the size of the infestation and the type of timber affected. Not every woodworm infestation will be a structural risk, but all woodworm infestations have the potential to spread when the adult beetles emerge. Wherever an infestation exists woodworm will weaken timber, so an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan is always recommended.


Type of treatment program depends on the severity of the woodworm issue. However, a standard woodworm treatment typically involves a chemical insecticide spray that covers over all the accessible affected timbers. As the larvae turns into a beetle, it emerges from the timber. As it emerges, the chemical residue coat covering the timbers comes into contact with the beetle. This may kill the emerging adult but more importantly prevents the new larvae hatching from eggs laid on the timber from achieving viability.

More serious infestations that have already caused significant damage may require a wider variety of treatment methods including timber removal and replacement. Also, in certain difficult to access timbers or infestations of Death Watch Beetle, fumigation treatments over longer period of time may be recommended.


The DIY option requires buying and applying “woodworm killer” products from a DIY or hardware store. These easily bought liquids are usually a permethrin-based insecticide that will kill furniture beetle larvae. However, we would only recommend them for decorative timber or furniture as they do not carry any guarantee if they fail. They also do not address the source of the problem (e.g. a humidity problem in your property attracting beetles).


For anything other than minor furniture treatments we would recommend a professional woodworm treatment from Wise Property Care will get rid of woodworm. Our surveyors and technicians are trained and experienced in diagnosing woodworm problems and providing the right treatment plan.

Our professional woodworm treatments will be tailored to suit your property and our methods are accredited by Which? Trusted Traders, The Property Care Association, Trust Mark and other trade bodies. This offers complete peace of mind for our customers.

We will also back up any treatment we do with a long-term guarantee.


During a woodworm survey, the qualified surveyors at Wise Property Care will do the following:

  • Identify all areas affected by woodworm. Identifying the woodworm species and whether the infestation is still active.
  • Carry out structural tests to determine whether the timber needs repairing, replaced or simply treated.
  • Identify the most appropriate woodworm treatment for your property.


The qualified surveyors at Wise Property Care will do the following:

  • Carry out all woodworm treatments and repairs to the highest standard.
  • Ensure your property is left clean and safe.

Whatever woodworm treatment is required, it will carry a Wise Property Care 20 year property repair guarantee. This gives you the long-term backing of an award winning and leading woodworm specialist.


In order to provide an accurate quotation for woodworm treatment, one of our surveyors will need to carry out a full woodworm survey. This will determine the best treatment for the property. The type of woodworm treatment a property requires can vary greatly depending on the size of the infestation and the extent of the damage caused by the wood boring beetles. Due to the number of variables, it is not possible to provide an accurate cost for woodworm treatment until a woodworm survey has taken place.


Prevention is better than treatment. That said, it is impossible to completely protect your property from woodworm. However, you can take steps to make your property less likely to suffer an infestation. 

Woodworm are attracted to damp wood as it is easier for larvae to bore through. So by maintaining humidity with your central heating and ventilation you will reduce the risk of moisture build-up and damp timber.

Varnished hardwood is the most resistant to woodworm as it is difficult for adult furniture beetles to penetrate and is also toxic for insects. Because of this, we would recommend sealing as much wood with varnish as possible.

Bringing vintage furniture into your home can be a woodworm risk so we would always recommend checking for the signs of woodworm. 

Finally, electric flytraps are useful not only for zapping unwanted insects like flies but they will also catch and kill common furniture beetles before they lay their eggs.


We understand the prospect of treating a woodworm issue might be daunting. If you suspect your property may require woodworm treatment and you are looking for professional help then we are here to help. Our woodworm specialists have decades of experience and expertise and can provide you with a solution on how to treat woodworm in your home.

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