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What is Black mould?

Black mould is a generic name used to describe the Stachybotrys Chartarum species of mould. Black mould germinates in properties suffering from an excessive build up of moisture in the air; typically in warm, humid and damp areas of a property.

Instantly recognisable black fungus will spread accross organic mateials like paint, wallpaper and plaster. Black mould growth also leaves a lingering damp smell. Black mould also carries health risks, with the potential to aggreviate existing respitory conditions.


Black mould growth typically starts within a property for two reasons:

1. Excessive moisture

Black mould requires moisture over a period of time to germinate. The source of moisture usually comes from condensation caused by everyday living (steam from cooking, showering etc...), but water from plumbing and property defects such as a leaky roof or washing machine can sometimes be the cause.

2. Poor ventilation

A property with poor air ventilation is always at risk of a black mould problem. If moisture is not allowed to escape the property it will be absorbed by cooler surfaces, such as walls and window sills, starting the black mould growth process.


As well as being unsightly to look at, black mould can affect your health, personal possessions, and home decor and leave a nasty odour lingering throughout the property. It can also be a key indicator to an underlying issue such as condensation or a property defect. Children and elderly people are especially vulnerable to black mould aggravating existing health symptoms.


Common places to find black mould are walls, window sills, under floors and on ceilings. An earthy, musty smell is a typical sign of black mould growth. Whilst growing, the surface of the black mould will appear shiny and slimy before changing to a black or dark green colour. Dried out mould will turn grey and powdery looking.

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There are some cost effective black mould products that will clear away the mould, such as mould sterilisers and anti mould paint, and while these are very effective at removing black mould and preventing regrowth, they will not solve the root cause of the moisture. For a long term solution you will most likely need to improve the air ventilation within the property with a dehumidifier or positive pressure ventilation unit.

Treating black mould

At Wise Property Care we are experts when it comes to treating black mould and associated damp problems.

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