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cleaning up black mould

Cleaning away the sight of black mould is the first thing most property owners will want to do. There are a variety of black mould removal products that are effective and relatively simple to use. We stock a wide selection of these in our Wise Condensation shop.

Our best selling mould control kit is cost effective at just £35.99. It comes with mould killing steriliser spray and anti-mould paint additive to help you clean black mould before redecorating any affected areas. It also includes  tools for applying the spray.

We also stock specific anti-condensation paint that works by creating a barrier between warm moisture in the air and cold walls. The paint contains specially designed microbeads that prevent moisture collecting in sufficient volume to facilitate black mould growth.

Nine times out of ten, poor ventilation in a property is the root cause of condensation and black mould problems. For this reason, we also stock dehumidifiers to extract moisture from the air in your property. Our dehumidifiers can extract up to 20 litres of water a day from the atmosphere.

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Improving the ventilation within your property

Condensation is more often than not the root cause of a black mould problem, but we understand that it can be difficult at times to properly ventilate your property, especially during the winter months the windows need to be kept closed. Fortunately, the job of ventilating a property can be made easier by air ventilation systems such as extractor fans and positive pressure ventilation.

These eco-friendly, air management systems are the most successful remedy in the fight against black mould. They are designed to beat the most stubborn condensation problems whilst improving the quality of air throughout your home. Extractor fans simply remove moist air from your property whilst positive pressures systems work by introducing fresh air into your property whilst displacing the stale moist air which can eventually cause condensation leading to black mould problems.

Improve your ventilation

Keeping the air flow in your home free from excess moisture is the best way to combat black mould problems.

Air ventilation

Positive Pressure Ventilation

Positive pressure systems are the most advanced air filtration systems your property will need. Let your property breathe.

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Other sources causing the black mould problem

It is important to note that while condensation is the most common cause of black mould it is not the only reason black mould problems occur. Other underlying conditions affecting the property such as penetrating damp can also lead to mould growth. To identify whether the black mould is being caused by these conditions, visit our associated pages that describe the tell tale signs.

Still having problems with black mould removal?

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