Mouldo (aka Black Mould)

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Mouldo: ugly and unpleasant

Mouldo (aka Black Mould) is a grimy, sometimes slimy, by-product of condensation. Check out his "problem profile" below to find out how he can stain and stink his way around your property.

Mouldo: Problem Profile

Mouldo: Problem Profile

Where to find mouldo

Mouldo can be found wherever air ventilation is compromised and air quality is poor. Starting as just a small patch of black spores, black mould can quickly "evolve" to massive proportions covering entire walls. 

Mouldo, and other condensation related problems, are usually the simplest of property problems to defeat. Simple lifestyle changes can eliminate black mould but air purification systems such as positive pressure ventilation may be needed for the worst cases.

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Condensation: Mould Fuel

This handy video will give you an introduction to condensation problems. If you want to avoid black mould in your property this is vital viewing.

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Do you need help with Black Mould?

If you think Mouldo or any type of condensation problem is causing black mould to grow in your property, then contact Wise Property Care to arrange a condensation survey. Our fully qualified and experienced team will be able to professionally diagnose the condition and develop a condensation treatment programme specifically tailored with your property in mind.

Wise Property Care have branches all across Scotland, so from John o' Groats to Jedburgh we will have a local team near you.

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