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Datamatic ventilation

Our energy saver Datamatic ventilation fans record and hold up to 60 weeks of continuous data that can be downloaded and read at any time. The Datamatic ventilation fans are popular for dealing with condensation and mould issues within our air ventilation system range.

With a kitchen and bathroom fan design, our Datamatic ventilation fans are built to keep your property healthy, free of condensation and to keep you informed about the levels of dampness and humidity within your property.

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Main benefits of our Datamatic ventilation fans

Along with recording all the important environmental data such as relative humidity, temperature, vapour pressure dew point, power interrupts and every occasion the fan is run, our datamatic ventilation fans also:

  • Save you money over our ventilation fans through their energy efficient motors, keeping with the government’s directive regarding energy efficient appliances
  • Have a product guarantee for 5 years
  • Have a humidity sensor guaranteed for life
  • Are fully automatic with an added manual operated pull cord overrun facility
  • Recorded environmental data is easily downloaded
  • Remote version of the humidity sensor is available

General information about the Datamatic ventilation fan 

  • Extract rate 230m3/h (64 ltrs/sec)
  • Automatic silent operating integral back draught shutter mechanism
  • Diagnostic two colour LED function display
  • Manually operated pull cord overrun on facility
  • Recorded data easily downloaded for use on PC or laptop
  • Integral battery back up
  • A remote version of the humidity sensor is available

What the Datamatic ventilation fan records

Along with recording all the important environmental data such as relative humidity, it also records:

  • RH levels every two hours
  • Temperature
  • Vapour pressure dew points
  • Power interrupts
  • Unique serial number of the fan to avoid any disputes
  • The set point when the fan starts
  • Every occasion the fan is run

More information about Datamatic Ventilation Fans

For more information regarding our datamatic ventilation fans, contact Wise Property Care today on 0800 65 22 678 or email us using our online contact form.  Alternatively, click to find your local branch.


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