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what is Positive Pressure ventilation?

The ultimate in condensation treatment, our positive pressure ventilation system is designed to provide a reliable solution to condensation, black mould and air quality issues within the whole property; ensuring that damp, stale air does not have an opportunity to fester within a home.

Lack of adequate ventilation and modern occupancy styles can lead to a build up of excessive humidity and moisture. This poor indoor air quality can lead to serious health issues for asthma and allergy sufferers and those with breathing difficulties. 

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How does positive pressure ventilation work?

The positive pressure ventilation system draws in fresh air that is filtered and dried at an ambient temperature. This dry air is then gently introduced into the property continuously creating positive pressure by diluting and displacing the stale, moist air that would cause condensation and black mould issues within the property.

Types of positive pressure ventilation units

Two versions of our positive pressure systems are available. Depending on the type of property really determines the best systems for you. They are mounted either in the loft or for flats and apartments in the central hallway.

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A loft unit is fitted in the roof void and ducted via an air diffuser, normally mounted in the ceiling above a stairwell. For units fitted with pre heat facility, the heater control switch is sited on the landing wall at a convenient height to enable the user to switch the heater on or off. Also, the fan speed control is set from this position.

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The flat unit is fitted on a convenient wall, as close to the intake point as possible. Ideally, the unit should be fitted inside a hall cupboard, where access to an external wall and ambient air is possible. Supply ducting is then run to an outlet air grille, normally situated in the hall, in order that the introduced air is delivered to a central point within the dwelling.

The benefits of positive pressure ventilation

  • DC motor for quiet operation
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Lower energy costs - keeping with Government directive regarding energy efficient appliances
  • Alleviates condensation
  • Alleviates black mould
  • Reduces radon
  • Low maintenance
  • Special large capacity filter to ensure maximum ventilation
  • Energy efficient - consumes as low as 6 watts
  • Robust construction

Getting positive pressure ventilation installed

Wise Property Care will always carry out a thorough survey before recommending any condensation treatment, and the same goes for installing mechanical ventilation.

If you want one of our surveyors to see if positive pressure ventilation is right for you then call us on 0800 65 22 678 to book a survey.

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