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Stopping condensation

In order to avoid the need for professional condensation treatments, there are various "DIY" methods for preventing condensation. Most of these methods are simple lifestyle changes that usually surprise people with the massive differences they can make. You can find out more by clicking the button below and reading our 10 easy steps to stop condensation:

Stop condensation in ten steps

Condensation Prevention

If you are noticing condensation symptoms, such as  water collecting on windows, then the hints and tips below will keep condensation at bay:

  • Keep your property well ventilated by opening your windows on a daily basis to allow moist air to escape.
  • If using the kitchen or bathroom, keep the door closed and window open where possible.
  • Try to keep at least a small gap between walls and furniture, particularly against ‘cold walls'.
  • Allow ventilation of any cupboards to keep air-flow moving.
  • Always dry clothes outside. If this is not possible, put them in an enclosed room with the window open.
  • If using a tumble dryer, make sure the vent pipe runs outside your property or out a window. 
  • While cooking, try to cover all pots and pans and avoid leaving anything on the boil for too long.
  • Check to make sure airways within your property are not blocked, such as air bricks or chimneys.
  • Try to keep heating levels within your property at a constant temperature, especially in the winter.

If your condensation problem has progrssed to an extreme black mould problem you may need to consider a more proactive approach to combatting condensation such as an air ventilation unit.

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Other ways to stop condensation

Unfortunately, the tips above to prevent condensation will not work every time. If your property is suffering from severe ventilation problems, further professional condensation treatments may be required.

Condensation treatment

Condensation treatment can range from simple lifestyle changes to the instillation of mechanical ventilation. What does your property need?

Condensation treatment

Contact a condensation pro

At Wise Property Care we are experts when it comes to treating and eradicating condensation problems. Find out more about our professional surveys.

Condensation survey

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