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We have put together an album of condensation and black mould pictures to help you identify condensation problems and illustrate the damage it can cause.

Condensation is a problem that can affect any property. The moisture that is caused by everyday living such as cooking, washing and simply breathing can all contribute to a condensation problem.

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What is Condensation?

Condensation is simply moisture in the air that has settled on a cool surface. This may seem like an everyday and harmless problem but this excess moisture can encourage black mould growth and other damp problems. At Wise Property Care we are experts when it comes to identifying condensation problems in a property and treating them.

Identify condensation

Condensation is often misdiagnosed by people who are not damp experts. Make sure you know all the signs of a condensation problem.

Condensation signs

Treat Condensation

Condensation problems can be treated in a variety of ways depending on the seriousness of the problem. Find out how to stop it.

Condensation treatment

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If you have a condensation problem in your property that requires treatment do not hesitate to call Wise Property Care on 0800 65 22 678. Our expert team will be able to offer help and advice and book a condensation survey for your property.

If you would prefer to ask a question online use our online contact form and one of our team will get back to you.

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