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Condensation is the most common damp problem to affect properties. A condensation problem can manifest in a number of different ways, meaning it is often misdiagnosed as something else by people without the knowledge and experience of a professional damp surveyor. Black mould, damp patches, musty smells and damage to furniture, fixtures and fittings can all be caused by condensation.

Knowing how to spot the tell tale signs of condensation will help catch it as early as possible, often nipping a problem in the bud before professional condensation treatment is required. If the condensation signs highlighted below are appearing in your property we would recommend visiting our condensation treatment page. 

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tell tale signs of condensation

Look out for the following signs to help identify condensation in your property:

Tell Tale sign 1 - water collectiong on windows

More often than not, the first sign of a condensation problem is excess water collecting on windows. A little bit of this is normal from time to time, but constant, excessive moisture levels are an indication that your property has issues with air ventilation.

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Tell tale sign 2 - black mould

Perhaps the most unsightly and unpleasant symptom of condensation, black mould can really ruin the aesthetics of a property. Condensation allows this mould to grow by providing adequate levels of moisture for mould spores to germinate.

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Tell tale sign 3 - peeling paint or plaster

If walls are wet due to condensation it will affect any paper or plaster that has been applied. If you have noticed symptoms similar to ones pictured below then it is almost certain that you have a condensation problem.

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Tell tale sign 4 - mould on clothes and fabrics

Fabrics that are exposed to condensation are particularly susceptible to mould growth. The mould that gathers on furniture or clothes will not always necessarily be black.

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Tell tale sign 6 - The smell

Mould growth and decay caused by condensation is often accompanied by an unpleasant, musty smell. If you notice this odour creeping into your property you should be on the lookout for the signs of condensation listed above.

Do you have a condensation problem?

If the condensation signs above are appearing in your property, it is strongly advised that you consult a specialist to investigate a possible condensation problem. Contact Wise Property Care and ask for a condensation survey or visit our condensation treatment web page for information on how to treat your problem.

Condensation treatment

If you suspect there is condensation or black mould in your property it is important you get it treated by a professional. Make the "Wise Choice" for your property.

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We are a condensation specialists rated and approved by Which?, Trustmark, Safe Contractor and the PCA, so you can be sure our surveyors are the best in the business.

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Do you have a black mould problem?

Is black mould appearing on the walls and ceilings of your property? This usually a sign of a lingerning condensation problem. Find how to deal with this unsightly property problem.

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Find out more about the smelly, unsightly and unhealthy mould caused by condensation.

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